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Our Work

Representing Swahili Speakers Across Lexington, KY

The mission of Marafiki Center is to create opportunities for cross-cultural connection. We build a bridge of mutual understanding through education, events, and advocating for improved representation of the Swahili-speaking community.

Cultural Exchange Education 

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Swahili Day

A one-day street festival-style celebration showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Lexington’s African and Swahili-speaking community.


AfroYouth Conference

Helps young adults realize the importance of bridging cultural differences through a variety of workshops, breakout sessions and a keynote speaker.


Swahili Classes

Encourage African kids to remember their home language. Swahili language classes are available for adult learners too.


Shule Festival

Shule means school in Swahili. Captures the excitement of a new school year. We distribute free supply-filled backpacks, food, treats, games, and haircuts.


Swahili Camp

Strives to foster personal growth for African immigrant children by providing them fun, safe educational/recreational programs, outdoor experiences and group activities.


Civic Engagement Inclusion

We realize the role of race, power and injustice. We represent the Swahili-speaking community among the broader Lexington and offer transportation, information and resources to our community.

Upcoming Events

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June 3


Shule Festival

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June 20

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Sept 30

AfroYouth Conference 2023

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